Client: Dacorum Borough Council

Location: Hemel Hempstead


Amongst the technological excitement of self-driving vehicles and a robot for almost any occasion, you might think there’s little to pique your interest in a Plant Room, regardless of how new and shiny it mighty look.

That is not the case in a recent program delivered by Orion Building Engineering Services (BES) Ltd for Dacorum Borough Council. Over the last few months in the first of a series of such installations, the Plant Room has been totally transformed.

The program was predicated on installation of some of the latest generation equipment, which was something that Orion had been eager to push from the outset. “Given the program will ultimately apply standard equipment throughout the estate, Orion can ensure ready availability of correctly-trained support staff when required — and the right parts”, commented Simon Heller, MD of the Hemel Hempstead-based company. “More reassuringly, its inherent Building Management System (BMS) enables us to remotely monitor all of the Rooms we install and in many cases, means we can see and respond to issues before tenants even realise there’s a problem.”

For Dacorum, it was an easy decision to procure A-rated equipment that is more efficient, thus improving the carbon footprint. The plant and machinery is easier to maintain, meaning a reduction in downstream maintenance costs, and a reduction in the stored water the equipment requires will help further reduce the ongoing maintenance liability.

Of course the most significant beneficiaries of the program are the tenants, who will enjoy improved reliability from more efficient systems, thus reducing potential downtime. Heating systems will be quieter, hot water more responsive and, in the wake of some of the hottest October days many of us can recall, tenants will be delighted that the BMS provides a more proactive response to temperature variations.

Dacorum Borough Council summed up the program most succinctly. “In a climate where we so often hear of programs that over-promise and under-deliver, it’s a pleasure to highlight a partnership that has worked so well to deliver long-term benefit to everyone concerned”.

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