We take pride in the quality of our work and the industry that we work in. We view our customers as an extension of our own business, constantly aiming to deliver and exceed expectations. Honesty and trust are always at the forefront of our business operations and we are always transparent and customer service orientated.

Honesty = Trust
The business believes that honesty, expertise and reputation for getting a good job well done represents their strongest attributes. Customer feedback and consistent levels of recommendation reflect this belief. Our aim is to do the job, the best we can, for you.

Professionalism at Our Core
Our internal processes ensure total peace of mind for customers. Structured reports, a fully traceable and trackable auditing trail, testing and maintenance plan are standard, along with our HSE approved system. Our belief is that your data and information should be available easily and quickly when you need it. You’re also safe in the knowledge that our time and visits are planned when required, ensuring your building services are managed to the very highest standards.

A Quality Job Guaranteed
With a customer base that almost universally praises Orion for delivering quality, reliability and value for money across their core building engineering services for commercial and public sector customers, Orion’s added value is the expertise they offer to those seeking to resolve specialist issues outside of their standard service requirements. Orion’s service is delivered with knowledge, managed by experience, built on reputation.

  • Health & Safety

    We make sure that every aspect of our job complies with all health and safety regulations, from training to the finished job.

    The health and safety of our workers and our tenants is extremely important to us, that is why we make sure that every job reaches a high standard. Not only is it our duty to ensure our workers are fully qualified, but also fully protected. Our staff make sure they follow every aspect of health and safety regulations, to ensure the finished product is not only done to a high-quality but is perfectly safe for you and the community.

  • Training

    Providing our staff with the most up to date training, ensuring only the most qualified workers are on our projects, allows us to provide the best product for you.

    At Orion, we ensure that only the best workers will work on our projects. By assessing the training needs of staff, we will make sure we choose the right methods and the right type of training to ensure quality. By effectively training our staff, our workers are highly motivated and more productive, therefore improving customer satisfaction. Our staff will get a range of training, from in-house training to external training and some may also receive online or distance training. All to ensure you receive the best quality

  • Environmental Policy

    Our aim is to not only ensure that our tenants are happy with our projects but we are also ensuring the environments happiness too.

    By monitoring our environmental impacts and improving the efficiency of our processes, we aim to continually improve our environmental performance. We guarantee that all regulations and approved codes of practice are upheld, whilst also aiming to reduce our pollution, emissions and waste. All the while, encouraging our workers to be more sustainable with the training we provide.

  • Thinking of joining ORION?

    We offer a supportive and positive working environment, opportunities for career development and ongoing training and learning


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