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As the nation came out of the first lockdown, it was clear to us that water hygiene was going to be extremely important. Those responsible for recommissioning buildings have a duty of care to ensure water systems are safe, as well as understand the risks around stored water and potential contamination by the legionella bacteria.

We service and maintain hundreds of premises, many of which had been closed during lockdown. We anticipated that we’d be extremely busy as soon as the lockdown restrictions were lifted and they all reopened at once. We knew they would all be keen to open as quickly as possible in order to start trading again, so it was important we worked quickly for all of them. This is why we therefore came up with a care package to make the process transparent to our clients and straightforward for our engineers.

The package included water sampling as well as carrying out disinfection and system flushing. When lab results came back negative, we could inform our clients that it was safe to go back into the building. Any positive results were dealt with immediately with remedial action and retesting.

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