16 August 2022

Orion Company Culture

‘Nil Sine Labore’ – Nothing Without Labour

Orion’s company motto ‘Nil Sine Labore’ emphasises the importance of labour in getting the job done. Despite this, Orion aims to maintain a balance between labour output and a positive working culture. This is essential in preventing burnout and keeping motivation high.

Company directors at Orion believe that this motto drives employees to work; it encourages individuals to take accountability for their role, whilst working towards their end goal with efficiency.


  • Preventing a decline in employee mental health is of great importance. ‘LifeWorks’ (an employee assistant programme) is available for all staff, providing the option for specialist
    counselling and support for life/work related issues.
  • As well as providing specialist support, management at Orion hold consistent 1:1 meetings with staff, in order to track progress and communicate difficulties.


  • Now more than ever, Orion have implemented various activities to improve employee engagement.
  • Team building days and frequent staff rewards ensure that hard work does not go unnoticed.
  • This recognition is not confined to office staff, but also extends to the engineering team.
  • Hosting of such events allow communication between staff members, who perhaps would not have connected otherwise.


  • With a rapidly expanding workforce in a modern society, change is inevitable.
  • Although the diversity at Orion is a great strength for the company, individual differences in working styles may become more apparent with the introduction of new operations/software.

  • Orion ensures appropriate training is given to all staff immediately, leaving no team member in the dark.
  • When staff in the office feel confident in their role, this is reflected in the efficiency of the engineering team’s output. It is essential any barriers to communication between departments are rapidly overcome.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • The Orion team is comprised of individuals from different age groups, ethnicities, genders and walks of life.
  • At Orion there is importance placed on celebrating these differences and bringing awareness to them annually.
  • The addition of ‘dress-down day’ once a week in the office has provided an opportunity for individual expression, within the guidelines of the workplace.
  • Despite current efforts, Orion plans to take this inclusivity even further in the coming year; displayed through the creation of ‘Orion’s Awareness Calendar’, which will highlight a new event each month

Click here to see and download our Company Awareness Calendar

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